Artist Statement

I paint human beings, the human beings that I see and interact with as I go through my days.  It is a struggle and aspiration to create a meditative, illusionistic depiction of these human beings, and I haven’t figured out yet if my knowing them facilitates, or distracts my creative process. My art has a stillness. It consists of an obsession of line quality, color and expression. It is the countless hours of meditation and analysis of proportion, the rituals of brush washing, palette preparation, and color matching.
In my art, I desire to create images that provide examples of people not glamorized, nor distorted and caricatured. With observation and meditation of these images, I hope viewers would analyze what it means to be human, to be observed by others, to represent themselves honestly in their living, and to not be ashamed.
In painting just one subject, I emphasize individuals. The title of my most recent show, RELATIVE, refers to the fact that despite our individuality, and maybe because of it, our interactions with others create definition, or contrast, or comparison; hopefully understanding and acceptance.